Saturday, 4 October 2008

Smiles of a very lucky lady

Parcels of pressies.

With such wonderful treasures inside ( I admit there was G&B's but someone ate it .. who could that have been ! )

Huge thanks to Becks for Knitted Toys and the long gone choc and to Emma for I love dirt - a book I have been yearning for ( how did you know ) Woodland Happy Families , a book of Doodles that I can't wrestle away from K and O's Winter hat.

A gorgeous hat to keep my little man's head warm.

And a present for Emma Joan from the most thoughtful girl ever, you are an incredible friend Romy.Thank you.

Seasons balls for O, that fit so perfectly in his hands, to squish, to throw, to roll, to chew, to giggle at ... endless fun.

Thank you Becks, my friend.

That you have all thought of us is truly a gift beyond measure.Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I love I Love Dirt

Becks said...

Pleased you liked the parcel.
So nice to share with such a special person.

Hazel said...

Romy is chuffed to pieces that you have mentioned her on your blog :o) Thank you!!

H. xxx

Gina said...

What a lovely parcel :0

We have (and love) I love Dirt too :)

Michelle said...

That knitted toy book is great. I just bought a second hand copy from Abe books and made the snowman tree ornament (my first knitted toy, so very proud of it). I'm now knitting dwarf number 2. My DD loves Gordon the Garden Gnome, so I'm making the dwarf into Gordon and it'll be one of her christmas pressies. That book is really addictive. I think quite a few kids are going to get knitted toys from me this year.

Michelle (aka Clueless Mama)

Jem said...

What lovely gifts, special things come to special people x