Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Winter Seasons Table

Our lovely seasons swap gift from Foxy.Having only just learnt to knit, she produces such a wonderful snowman for us .. thanks so much.

Lady Winter has arrived, carrying her cloak of snow, ice and frost.

Another GP lets trade, gorgeous snowdrop and holly fairies.


Hannah said...

Hello, I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of weeks. I'm delurking to say your Lady Winter is lovely! Where can we get characters like that for our nature table?

Unknown said...

Hi there, just been told that you have one of my creations on your seasons table !
I am soon having to shut down the web site, but if any body wants anything made please dont hesitate to e-mail me with what you want. Or check out my listings on ebay under the name P_E_S_T
I will always send photos of what I make if you want to see.