Monday, 27 April 2009

Book Sharing Monday

Today, just has to be all about The Best Nest by P.D.Eastman for so many reasons.
Most importantly this is the first book that K very proudly, read to us with no help.
And then really because all that this book is, the gathering of bits of wool, string, hay for building the best possible nest in the best possible place is going on right outside my door.
Although I feel a few mistakes are being made.

Right outside K's bedroom window is the fab bird-box she made last Summer ... waiting for some feathered friends to move in, create a love nest and have some babies.

Instead, a pair of dim-wit sparrows have chosen to nest in the bat-box that L made, which is outside his window !

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the babies will be really ready to fly when they drop out the bottom of the box or maybe I can work on N, to put a safety net underneath !


Wyld Jane.. said...

love your boxes x we bought a butterfly box and a dirty great big spider has moved in !!!

Jacqui said...

Great book choice for this time of year! We are enjoying watching Mr Blackbird flying around looking for food for his wife just now - 3 eggs in our hedge, but don't want to get too close to check their progress. xxx

sunnymama said...

Sounds like a lovely seasonal book. I hope your birds in the bat-box do ok :)