Monday, 6 April 2009

A day alone or a lonely day ?

N set off in the very early hours heading to India for work.
L, K and O left with grandparents at 8.30am for a day in Kent visiting Great Grandparents and various Aunts and Uncles.

So, that left me .... alone.

I waved the children goodbye and then climbed back into bed for a couple of hours with a coffee and good book.
Up for a bath with lemon essential oil in ... relaxed for a whole hour, I even topped the hot water back up ( not good for the green creds )
Lunch of Humous and French bread.
Checked emails.

About now the house began to feel very still and silent.

Watched alittle tv, listened to alittle music,read abit more.
Missed the children.

Phoned some friends,ate a piece of cake,made a coffee.
Missed the children.

Did some housework .... yep housework, swept and washed floors, hoovered up and put washing away.
Checked time.

Did some spinning with my drop spindle from Kelly Thanks my lovely.

And knitted up some already spun and plyed wool.

Checked time, drew the curtains and lit a candle.
Not long now.
Then at 8.30pm with a burst of laughter and chatter, L, K and O were back ... O made straight for my top and settled onto the breast, L & K were full of their day, lots of family news, picnic, gifts of money for Easter Holidays and a funny journey home of singing to O and playing games.
K, O and I watched Ladies Detective Agency and then N rang having just arrived in India, tired,hot and hungry.
Off to bed at 10.15pm with a snoring babe.


Rae said...

Oh goodness, why did this post make me cry?

i couldn't bear the thought of you at home missing your family. These days are supposed to be a treat aren't they? Some 'me' time?

But when it comes we don't want 'me'. we want 'THEM' - all of them because they are part of us.

A couple of hours tops for me and then it's all back to us so that I can feel complete again.

Love you, precious lady xxx

Tammy said...

It is a bit of a lonely feeling. I'm glad you had some time to yourself, but even MORE glad you are no longer alone. As my kids get older and older I find myself wondering more often how on earth I will fill those hours with them gone and Monty at work...

Kelly said...

Giving and receiving all those welcome back together kisses and cuddlies and closeness when all united again must have been lovely.
Your spun yarn looks beautiful!!
Would be fun to sit together and spin a bit!

Luissa said...

I love having some time alone occasionally as it really makes me appreciate my family and what I have with them. I love the reunion moment when you are greeted with hugs and kisses and just want to hold on tight to everyone.