Monday, 15 June 2009

Baking Day

A fab day here with a great friend,
learning to bake amazing bread.

And bake amazing bread we did.

Lots and lots of it.

All in a days work.

Enjoying the fruits of our labour at home later.


Uma said...

Wow! That is a LOT of bread, yum yum. And look how tidy your kitchen is.....mine would be an absolute tip even if I'd only made one loaf!

Uma x

Joxy said...

Blimey, that is a lotta bread! hehehehe.

I do enjoy breadmaking, although out of sheer laziness yesterday I picked upa bloomer from Morrisons... but I@m inspired again to get baking :)

Luissa said...

Wow, that bread looks gorgeous. I think I need to go on that course my bread always comes out really heavy and doughy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot of beautiful bread!!
I love homemade bread warm from the oven!
We made rolls late last night for a snack with jam and honey : )

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! I thought I was doing well, managing to bake 3 batches of scones and one of jam tarts before 12 oc clock today!

It looks absolutely scrummy too....

arwen_tiw said...

Wow talk about a productive day lol!