Monday, 22 June 2009

Celebrating the Solstice

We headed out for the day after waving goodbye to L & K, who are off to the sea, holiday with my parents.

I had been told ( on the bread making course ) about a wonderful Midsummer Fair held at Little Bytham, a traditional family fun day with stalls, live music, morris men and beer tent, perfect for celebrating the Solstice.

O loved pressing the bell for the "Human Fruit Machine" and laughed with delight as the Mum and her 2 children each held up a fruit, he even had a win, when 3 grapefruits were held high, winning 75p.

We left just before the Spitfire flyby.

Never mind, always next year.

I wanted to get home to collect in some herbs to dry from the garden, Sage & Rosemary filled with the sun's warm energy, to dry and make into smudge sticks.

Opening my season swap parcel, filled with amazing goodies from a lovely Mama ( Shell from GP forum )
A stunning sunshine bowl, felt butterfly, lavender wand, seeds and card make this day very special, thank you.

Candle lit, we enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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