Monday, 6 July 2009

Book Sharing Monday - I've forgotten Edward by Susan Hill

Picked up for 15p at a Blue Peter Bring & Buy Sale ( remember them ? ) years ago, this became an absolute favourite of L.

Sam realizes he's forgotten his bear, Edward, when him and Mum are too far down the road to go back and collect him.

All the lovely shopkeepers offer Sam goodies to cheer him up but all he wants is Edward.

Even meeting Grandad at the park doesn't lift Sam's spirits.

All ends well on the return home, cuppa for Mum and a cuddle with Edward for Sam.
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Wyld Jane.. said...

how lovely x i have a vague memory of this story x

Jacqui said...

Oh this sounds like a wonderful warm story :) xxx

sue said...

Oh what a gorgeous story, I haven't read this one before, Charlie and I would love it, oh dear my amazon list grows ever longer :) xxx

Unknown said...

Do you still have a copy of this book?

I am desperate for a copy and cannot find one anywhere? I would be eternally grateful if I could buy it from you?

Many thanks