Saturday, 15 August 2009

Dancing Queen

Chopping onions yesterday at the end of yet another busy week ( where is the time going ? )

A week of dance for K that ended on a huge high last night as we watched her dance her way through an amazing ballet routine, tap dance with such grace and style, recreate the "Waterloo" scene from Mama Mia ( her teacher for the week, worked on the film ) and an incredible finale from Chicago, that made me see how very grown up she has become suddenly, holding her own with a group made up mostly of 17 year olds.

She was wonderful and we all are so very proud.

Am I the only one longing for Autumn to blow in ?

I was reminded ( as if I need to be ) of my Autumn love as I looked down at my pile of onion skins, seeing crisp Autumn colours and piles of leaves.

It helped the pre-season feeling having a huge bowl of Chili for tea.


Tammy said...

I am longing for Autumn, too. I love each season, but Autumn is my favorite. Something magical with it for me...

Claire said...

I keep seeing glimspes of it too, cooler mornings, some leaves beginning to turn, apples ripening. I do love autumn.

Gina said...

Just left an award for your lovely blog on my blog ;)

Gina xxx

bohemianmumma said...

I felt a whisper of Autumn this morning when I woke up. Something about the angle of the sun through our front door at this time of year I think. I've been waiting for the warm summer sun to lift my mood and it hasn't arrived so now I am looking forward to the bounty and colours of Autumn with all my might!

Hannah said...

We were walking around the woods this morning talking about what we're looking forward to as the season turns, it's becoming a bit of a ritual now.
I'm doing much better this year - I'm usually wishing the summer away by the start of August!