Sunday, 22 November 2009

New Friend

O calls him Boy.
Boy is happy to play for ages, he makes O laugh when he hides and then jumps out at the same time as him.
Boy had disappeared when O tried to show him to L but I'm sure he'll be back to play soon.


Primavera said...

Aww! =]

Elizabeth said...

My son had an imaginary friend for about two years. He pops up into our conversations every now and then--but even I've missed that lovely imaginary friend!

Jennifer PrairieHome said...

I remember when my little nephew discovered a little friend in the glass fronted oven.
He talked for hours with him! It was adorable.

Lovely pictures. :)

- Jenny

Emma said...

So lovely...such a sweet pic...hope you're all well and happy. Love, Emma x

KFR said...

Great picture!

Susan said...

My daughter's imaginary friend was Sister Teddy. She kept my daughter out of trouble, warning her to be careful. Thank goodness for Sister Teddy