Wednesday, 20 January 2010

An Inspector Calls

At the beginning of December we had our Home Ed review, our third in 8 years.
Only the first was a complete disappointment with the lady having no idea at all about Home Education ( she was a curriculum advisor for schools ) and didn't seem very open to learn.

It was wonderfully satisfying for K to spread her bounty across the table, we spent time looking together and enjoying seeing her progression, revisiting trips out, projects made and fun had.

Ken, our inspector, his second visit to us, was great, interested in all that K wanted to share, taking all his cues from her and looking with interest at the array of work from clay mushrooms to projects on water to paintings to workbooks to needle felting and more.
We received his report over the Christmas break, all good, in fact the word exemplary makes an appearance.
Guess we'll keep at it then.


ruby said...

wonderful, even though they are from the education dept when you get your letter and its good it gives you a nice boost and lessens the thoughts of "are we doing enough", love all the things laid out on the table x

Tammy said...

That is great that it turned out so well, especially that he took his cues from K.

I bet it was truly a delight to gather all the work into one place and see it all together!