Saturday, 10 April 2010

Round the Garden

We are joining in with this fun project, hosted by and with the great weather we are finally having, who could fail to not want to get out and top their Vitamin D back up.
Our garden is approx 2500 square feet, within that we have a veggie patch, greenhouse, patio, tree house and a 14ft trampoline !
Facing to the South, it is a wonderful sun trap, thankfully our lovely apple tree gives us not only tasty apples but shade when needed too.
Our dog Sky shares this space with us, so it is far from pristine but a great spot for play, investigating, relaxing and star gazing.
Fairies love it so much, they have set up home here.

Stocking up the medicine chest, calendula seedlings.

Hours are lost playing in the sand.

All hands on deck for the annual out-door toy scrub down, not sure who ended up the wettest but know that O was certainly the dirtest, happiest little boy in our garden.
What goes on in yours ?


Linda said...

We have also joined the Outdoor Challenge! It is so wonderful to visit everyone's blogs to see what they are doing:) I love the fairy photo:)Lovely blog post:) You have a photo of calendula seedlings, how do you process it into medicine? I would love to know, I also have calendula growing in our garden and have always wondered how to use it as a medication from the plant. I only have the cream that we have bought.

angelina said...

awesome! cool post: looks like you guys have the right ideas. thanks for visiting my blog today also!
angelina in australia

Child in Harmony said...

beautiful blog :)

Rosina said...

Hello from a fellow Outdoor Challenge member *grin*. I love your fairy house doors. Those are so cute! I've enjoyed reading your blog and will have to come back and visit again :)