Thursday, 28 April 2011

Train Trousers

Its been a year since I had a short lived affair with my sewing machine, trousers for my boy were made tried on, deemed too tight, folded up, put away and forgotten about, needles and yarn in hand once more and all was well again.
But O is once again in need of some Summer adventuring trousers and with a trunk full of wonderful fabric, gifted from a friend, it felt wrong to hit the high street and part with cash.

So with O at playschool,Woman's Hour on Radio 4, I dusted off my neglected sewing machine once more.The faithful thing, sprang straight to life and these trousers were made in just less than an hour, an hour, for goodness sake.O has decided they are just right for driving trains in.

Excellent pattern and sewing advice, came from here

Plans for two more pairs to be made this lovely, long weekend, O has chosen dinosaur and batik fish fabric, just perfect for Summer fun.


Crafts @ Home said...

I love sewing, and the more success you have, the more enjoyment you will get, and then you will be completely hooked like me! there will be no stopping you :)
Sue x

prettydreamer said...

they are wonderful ... what fun! We've been taking on some fun sewing challenges too ...just need to squeeze in a little more time to finish my daughter's messenger bag. :)

Susan said...

My little guy loves Thomas and these train pants would be put a big smile on his I'm sure your little guy has. Love you, Susan

Tania said...

Oh my! (said Sm style), well done mama xxxx

Daisy said...

Those look really cool, think even I could manage something like that!

The Tiny Team said...

SO cute! Now that I have a little one, I think that sewing may be back in my life soon. But, hopefully my skill improves to your level before I take any phtotos!

suzanne said...

Dear Denise

O's pants are perfect for train driving. Why do we take so long to make things. Winter is here again and I still only have one square to that dreamed of knitted blankie. I do drive myself dilly with my commitment level.

I hope you are so very well my friend. Smiling because you have a wonderful warm Summer ahead.

I bet you did watch the Royal Wedding??? Were you on the streets cheering? Somehow I imagine you might have been.

Love to you