Thursday, 12 May 2011

At the Tea Party

Sunday afternoons were made for The Blooming Great Vintage Tea Party.
Spending time with friends.
Getting your hair done, who would have guessed how much a victory roll suited me.
Learning new dance moves.

Admiring all the fabulous dresses and hats.
Singing along to ukele bands, blushing at a very daring hoola dancer and toe tapping to an amazing accordian player.

While drinking pots and pots of tea from lovely china cups and eating plenty of cake.

Roll on the next one.


Natalie said...

Looks like a jolly good time was had by all! I love the style of that era.


W-S Wanderings said...

A Victory Roll - I would love to see a photo of that! Looks like a right marvelous time.

Rose said...

love it! X X X

Susan said...

Denise, I thought of posting a tea in remembrance of Kelly this month. She loved to take me and her sister to tea at a quaint place in Kentucky--it was a special treat.
I love seeing your tea party; it brought back memories. XOXO