Sunday, 20 November 2011

Saying Hello to the Seals

Always a treat, a family tradition.
A Sunday afternoon in the Autumn with the seals.
Why these Mamas choose to birth on an RAF firing range ( RAF Doona Nook )
is a mystery,
but birth they do, in their hundreds.

Such a sight, a beach full of Mamas, Papas and their babes.
We stand and stare, delight in their beauty.
Admire their size, speed and grandeur.

A picnic in the car ( well it is November )
flasks of coffee, sandwiches and slices of cake.
A fluffy friend to take home and love.
And plenty of smiles.


Jacqui said...

Ah - what a beautiful sight. Thank you for posting these wonderful photos. Remembering the seal that we saw a few Sunday's ago. xxx

karen said...

How nifty! I have never seen anything like that, thanks for sharing :)

Susan said...

I love watching the seals by the at its best! Loving thoughts from your friend across the big pond :)! XOXO

Kelly said...

Incredible opportunity. Would love to see this.

Unknown said...

I so love to witness families in Nature....whether animal or human :-)

devonmama said...

Gorgeous! What a day out! xx

Rose said...

What amazing creatures! X

cathy@home said...

What a lovely day out.