Friday, 7 December 2012

Eddie - Behind the Scenes

I'd love to say our adventures with Eddie came into being months ago, knitting done, gifts planned and sorted but as is the way for most of us, this was not the case.
I had seen lots of wonderful photos of Elf on a Shelf on instagram, I was very taken with the idea, although not with the price or the thought of him being a spy for Father Christmas.
I wanted an advent friend for O, a gift giver, fun maker, story teller and snuggle buddy.
So, two days before the 1st, Ravelry thankfully provided me with a pattern
Stash, oh wonderful, sweet stash provided me with the yarn.
Time, turned up from somewhere and Eddie came to life with mere moments to spare.
Gifts have come mostly from EBay and Esty, all very inexpensive.
This week has been gift heavy, as Daddy has been away with work in Kuwait.It's been so much fun, hiding him round the house and watching O hunt for him. They have become firm friends and hearing O, unprompted say "thank you Eddie" is so endearing.
Next week, will be different and a whole new adventure.


Dawn said...

Lovely x
It was fun encouraging you on ravelry too.

Susan said...

You have been a busy little elf! I hope to get going on my decorating now that I have the bulk of my projects done for a trade show. XOXO

Hannah said...

I LOVE this elf on a shelf idea - I've really been enjoying your instagram updates. I've stored it away in my memory for if I ever get the chance for more children.