Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Yarn Along - Mosaic & Balloon Pants

Yarn Along - a chance to share your latest read and knit, both big loves of mine.

I am surrounded by a rainbow of talented friends, who create, make, design, sing, act and write, filling these days with beauty, I am a lucky girl.
Veronika Robinson, The Mother Magazine Owner, Editor, passionate, peaceful parenting advocate, Author and much loved friend has written many non fiction books, The Drinks are on Me, breastfeeding wisdom to Mystic Cookfire, the recipes of which fill my home with delicious smells and my belly with good food.

Mosaic is her first novel.
I was nervous, very nervous, fiction is such a personal thing, the stories we choose to escape in, the characters we love, hate, cry with, cheer on, remember.
I so wanted to enjoy this book, I was worried I wouldn't.
Real people leapt off the pages, recognizable situations, relationship struggles and joys.
Veronika has taken her beliefs, her passions and written them into a wonderful story of meaning, exploring relationships and the value of enjoying, each and every blessing.
Glimpses of music listened to, meals enjoyed, all added to a feeling of friendship with these characters, women of depth, survivors of lifes bruises, lovers of the every day and celebrators of the magic of living.
Why on earth did I worry.
I loved it.
The book launch was a joint celebration, wonderful ways with words run in the family, as Eliza, Veronika's daughter was also sending her new novel out into the World, Amend , second book in her Three Stages Trilogy ( Consequence is the first book in the series )

From Ireland, Mandy and Graham, came to sing songs, their stunning voices, blending so well, who'd believe Mandy only discovered her voice and song writing abilities, a year ago.
Songs of love, loss, happiness and chickens filled every corner of the gorgeous Wordsworth Bookshop, Penrith, Cumbria.

Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply is a delight to work with but such small needles, such tiny stitches, have taken time, lots of time.
Ripped back twice, needles broken one, magic loop finally mastered, these pants have been an experience, mostly enjoyable.
So, nearly off the needles.
So, ready for a new project.
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Unknown said...

Bless your heart Denise. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it ;-)
Love, Veronika xxxx

karen said...

how exciting to be intimately involved with a book launch :) I'm happy you were not disappointed in the book. Bummer about ripping out knitting, so not fun.