Monday, 3 August 2015


It's very green in the greenhouse, plants heavy with vines of tomatoes.
I spied, exactly one ripe, red, ready to eat fruit today, there has been the odd one or two more over the last few weeks but not the baskets and baskets full, I'm ready and waiting for.
The garden plants are equally green with less fruit, apart from a variety with black tomatoes, which seems to be enjoying the mix of frequent rain, occasional sun we are having this Summer.
Plannings of roasting, freezing and dehydrating, along with slicing and eating are on stand-by while we wait, hopefully for some days of sunshine.
We have grown tomatoes each year, like my Dad and my Grand Fathers, long before we had a greenhouse, before we even had a garden, grow bags, a sunny wall and young, leafy tomato plants (have never done well with seeds ) in the tiny, back yard of our first house, did fine.
Green tomato chutney is all well and good, with the final fruits of the season but I'd rather be roasting with garlic, making salsa or simply slicing onto sourdough bread, spread with butter and sprinkled with salt than bottling and pickling these beauties.
Bring on the sun.


Jacqui said...

Yes it's been a poor year all round I think. How neat your greenhouse looks xx

Unknown said...

We are getting some ripe toms now, but the weather could do with being better :)