Monday, 21 July 2008

Garden Smiles

First courgettes of the season from our very own little raised beds.

Our daughter Emma Joan's rose, 3 wonderful blooms for the 3 long years we have been without her.


kate said...

Emma's rose is just beautiful.

Yeah, catching up ha ha! I have put your blog on my bookmarks, i am glad you have one now! I have a recipie for zucchini up on my veggie garden blog but apparently i am the only one around here who likes use at your own risk. Next time i will just make zucchini muffins.

Gina said...

Your daughter's rose is gorgeous. What a beautiful way to celebrate your very special little angel :)

Jem said...

What a beautiful idea, to plant a precious rose for a precious Angel x

Rae said...

Gorgeous - my favourite flower and I bet they smell beautiful too.

I love Emma's rose :)