Thursday, 28 August 2008

For the Love of Nana

My wonderful Nana taught me to knit when I was around 7 or 8 years old, patiently casting on, picking up stitches ( lots ) untwisting yarn, pulling down rows and knitting them back up again ( lots ) and casting off for me ... yes, she did most of my early knitting.

My Nana always had something on the go, a ball of yarn and some needles in her bag to knit on the bus, in her apron pocket to knit afew rows while watching something on the stove and down the side of her chair to relax with while having a cup of tea.
She knitted for everybody, cardis for new babes, jumpers for friends, hats, scarfs,mittens for a neighbour's children ... there was always someone to knit for.

She died 2 weeks before my wedding. I was devastated.

I miss her always, wishing she could have been here to see my children, to have knitted cardis, hats and mittens for them .. to have held them and for them to have felt the wonderful absolute love that I always felt when she held me.

I adore knitting, just like my Nana did.

I began knitting again, after the loss of my daughter,39 minutes after birth in 2005, finding comfort in the familiar and a sense of purpose with each stitch.I soon discovered so many charities that needed knitted items, of course the ones that touched my heart deepest were and still are, charities providing special gowns, hats and blankets for babies born too soon or who spend only a short time here.

I am so thankful for the wonderful gift my Nana gave me and I know that each item knitted is one knitted with her.

I hope she would have been proud.


Jem said...

What a beautiful post, words fail me, I have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye xx

Pippa said...

Oh, D, she will be soo proud of you and also for the way you inspire others and pass on your craft to those around you just as she did.

I feel my lovely Nanna close by me whenever I pick up knitting needles too, or make jam. These are the precious links that keep these special people alive in our hearts. What a beautiful post from a lovely lady. xx

The Broken Man said...

That's a fabulous thing to do - I'm sure your Nanna would be thrilled that you are helping people in this way.

The Broken man

Becks said...

A lovely post, and sentiments shared here too. My nan taught me too knit and her love and patience is what gifted me this ability.
We learn so much from our older generations, let's hope we all pass on the love and knowledge when our turn comes.
Love to you and thank you.

Rae said...

beautiful post - you always know the words to reach my heart and stir my emotions. My Grandma holds a special place in my heart too and I wish she had been here to know my daughter.

Big love to you sweet lady - keep those knitting needles on the go :)

Cut&Alter said...

Aren't Nanas great? Everything you say resonates with me and I often still talk to mine even though she's been gone for 21 years now! I always remember her saying "If it's worth doing it's worth doing well" and that's with me every time I crochet, sew, knit, bake. You following her tradition by sharing your skills and craft and that is an inspiration for the future. x

Gina said...

Beautiful post, made me cry.
My heart breaks for you and for all mothers who have had the worst thing in the world happen to them, losing a precious baby.

Your lovely warmth and strength are a huge inspiration to me.
Much love Gina xxx

Gina said...

And, a huge thank you for Tarka's beautiful little owls, he is thrilled with them :) xxxx

kate said...

Oh, what a beautiful post.