Saturday, 9 August 2008

Goodies, Pledges and Happy Harvests

How did I ever deserve such fab friends, friends that give you a lift up when your low ... a gorgeous parcel of surprise goodies from Rae, thank you so much my beautiful girl.
The new copy of Country Living Magazine, pure indulgence, also arrived ... what a great start to the day.

So, I've taken the Pledge over at some wonderful prizes up for grabs but more importantly a chance to stop and take a look at your reduce, reuse, recycle habits.
My pledges -

  • I will talk to at least one family member or friend to promote recycling
  • I will take active steps to stop junk mail being delivered to my home
  • I will offer one unwanted item on Freecycle or take to a charity shop
  • I will send an email greeting card instead of a paper one
  • I will buy rechargeable batteries and a recharger and use them
  • I will use a reusable bottle for water
  • I will plan a weekly menu and shop accordingly
  • I will make one meal from leftovers
  • I will make something like bread instead of buying in plastic wrap

So what will you pledge ?

Happy Harvest from the garden ... recipes for courgettes very welcome please.

and those words ( or very similar ! ) " Hi, Honey I'm Home " yesterday when my Mexican visitor walked through the door, made me smile and smile ( after I'd moaned about how awful my week had been ) x


Candy said...

Oh yes....I'm in!!! Started composting today!

Becks said...

Lovely harvest, all those courgettes ;-) carrot & courgette cake? cauliflower, onion and courgette cheesy bake? yummy

Pippa said...

What a lovely parcel of goodies!! Nothing like a brand new magazine to make me smile.

Courgette recipes - Rattatouille and lots of it, stuffed courgettes or just steamed and served with cheese sauce!

Cut&Alter said...

A recipe for little courgette omelettes:
coarsely grate 6 small courgettes onto tea towela and wrap to remove excess moisture. Put in mixing bowl with 3/4 beaten eggs, a finely chopped clove of garlic, 50g grated parmesan, 1tsp sale, black pepper. Mix. Sift flour into bowl(the recipe says 3tbs - I added more)and mix well. It should be a slightly thick dropping consistency. Heat up large heavy bottomed pan and drop in spoonfuls - quickly cook on either side.

This is how we ate our first courgettes - delicious! We're having it again for lunch too.

Love your pledges too - must take a look at My Zero Waste again. x

Rae said...

chocolate courgette cake - need I say more?

Think carrot cake, only ten times better ;)

Jem said...

What a lovely surprise parcel, and myzerowaste is a fabulous website. It inspired me to buy a yoghurt maker!

Carolyn said...

I can vouch for chocolate courgette cake...yummy!!! By far the best way to use courgettes!!!