Monday, 25 August 2008

Happy Compost

Mama knit gloves for K ( kindly sewn up by T, thanks Hon ) Think she's happy with them, she's worn them everywhere, even laying sunning herself in the hammock !
What bargains, 3 Julia Donaldson books at the carboot. I asked the guy selling them how much and he said £4 .. mmm, perhaps not ! So my Mum picked them up 10 mins later and got all 3 for £1.
and for the compost ... wonderful Rye bread from The Village Bakery for me and compostable packaging for the compost heap.

We're all smiling today.


Jem said...

We're big fans of Julia Donaldsons books here too - and fabulous bargain, well done x

Pippa said...

Oh, I LOVE those gloves!! Not surprised K won't take them off.

Anonymous said...

Lovely gloves!

Becks said...

Love the gloves.
Great bargain courtesy of mum, lucky follower ;-)