Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mother Earth Smiles

We decided as a family to sign up for more pledges at and also mark up the ones we already do ( and make sure we are still doing them )

First up, pledges already happening in our house

  1. Using home recycling boxes - we are very lucky to have 3 wheelie bins here ( collected fortnightly ) 1 for recycling stuff including glass, 1 for garden waste and the last for everything else.
  2. Recycle my tetrapaks - these can be put in our wheelie bin.

  3. Call local council to find out what can be recycled - we have just had magnetic leaflets delivered with all the collection dates for bins and what can and can't be put in them.

  4. Start taken non collectible items to a recycling bank - discovered that hubby can take used batteries into work.

  5. Take reusable cup to work - hubby already has.

  6. Reuse packaging and envelopes - box under the stairs holds all our envelopes and used jiffy bags, we buy labels from various charities to stick over old addresses.

  7. Join DVD library - members of Blockbuster, DVDs are sent out to you and you return them within the same envelope.

  8. Use local library - never away from the place, we request books on-line and get them to notify us when they arrive via e.mail.

  9. Use washable nappies or menstrual products - Used disp. with eldest children but now washable with the little man ( we are loving them ) Need to restock on menstrual products ( or make own )

  10. Start a compost heap or wormery- 2 compost heaps and 1 wormery.

  11. Start to prepare gardening for growing veg - we have fenced off an area of the garden ( keep dog off ) and made 2 raised beds - growing lettuce, courgettes,beans, radish,spring onions.Also greenhouse for toms and cucumbers.

  12. Start using reusable bags - we have loads of cloth and string bags, always used.Helped a friend to knit a string bag recently and have started, when returning borrowed bits and pieces to friends, to pop them in a reusable and tell them to keep it.

  13. Buy loose produce instead of bagged - wonderful at farmers markets and farm shops.

  14. Sign up for veg box scheme - have used Woodlands Farm for over 5 years now.

  15. Offer one unwanted item on Free cycle or take to charity shop - teas made offered and taken on Free cycle.Car boot full of stuff taken to the PDSA , Salvation Army ( with respect to my friend Queenie )and charity shop helping local people.

  16. Send an e.mail greetings card instead of a paper one - Happy Birthday L, he loved his e.mail card.

  17. Buy one purchase in bulk to save on packaging - huge bag of rice from Suma co-op.

  18. Use a reusable bottle - all 5 of us now have our own bottles, so no need for buying water when out and about.

Pledges we're working on

  1. Talk to a family member or friend about recycling - DONE - spoken to my parents and a good friend, made both aware of Freecycle and the three R's.

  2. Switch to at least one recycled product this week. DONE >>>> Happy Botties , we've switched to Novelle 100% recycled.

  3. Take active steps to stop junk mail being delivered to my home - GO LOOK -

  4. Use washable cloths instead of kitchen towel - already use washables for washing up but need to stop with the kitchen towel.

  5. Cancel yellow pages / telephone directory - Thanks Queenie for the number, will call tomorrow. DONE ... call 0800 671444 ( in the UK ) .... easy.

  6. Make one card from scraps for a birthday or Christmas - DONE ..... 2 birthday cards made 18/8 for P & H.

  7. Buy rechargeable batteries and a recharger and use them - we do have some of these, need to sort them out, recharge them and get them used. SORTED ... dug recharger out, found batteries and bought some new ones, made sure everyone knows where it is and how to use it.

  8. Plan a weekly menu and shop accordingly.

  9. Make one meal from leftovers.

  10. Make something like bread instead of buying in plastic wrap.

Action my own pledge

  1. Start making and using my own household cleaners - Posters up ... it's a start.

Wow, lots already being worked on and some work to be done .... can feel Mother Earth grinning.

Happy days.

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Jem said...

Wow Mother Earth must be grinning from ear to ear with that little lot!