Thursday, 7 August 2008

Return of the Smiles

I could so easily focus on the fact that I feel terrible, head cold, sweats, shivers, sleepless nights, got lost in Nottingham dropping eldest son off for his YHA Holiday, a very rude phone call from someone who refused to tell me their name, a very cranky Babe, a daughter who needs taking and collecting every day from her drama course and a missed meal with a good friend and her wonderful family due to feeling so awful .. and oh did I mention my hubby has been in Mexico working all week ! But no, lets look at the Smiles ...

First HUGE Smile, a gorgeous new bag made by Wodge.Thanks so much, what a great surprise.Another car booting date for us, I feel.

Drawing of the names for a Seasons Table item swap for my friends on Green Parent Forum, what a great bunch.
Then, this wonderful post about some socks I sent to a special little lady
and then more this post on a friends blog, gives a sneak peek to some wonderful nappies she has made, heading the Babes way ... how lucky are we ( I'm the Denise mentioned in the post )
Also smiles for all the lovely comments that have been left here by friends new and old and all the lovely friends and their very kind words over on the GP Forum.
You have helped me smile through a tough week .... Thank You.


Pippa said...

Ah, poor you!! I wish I lived closer, then I could be useful and let you have a rest and get better!

Jem said...

Gorgeous bag!