Monday, 4 August 2008

Smiles in the Mail

I have given up trying to move Babe from car to house, when he is still napping from a car journey ( he always wakes up ) so instead I use the time to knit or read sitting in the passenger seat and allow him to wake up when ready ( Thanks to Little Nest Blog - for the hint )
That's the first hat finished ( he napped for an hour )

A wonderful Thank You from Gina and her lovely Family over at

Beautiful Fair Trade book mark, the best picture ever from Mia and just look at that green bean, gorgeous.Thanks so much.


Gina said...

Glad it reached you safely :)

Jem said...

Wow what lovely kind gifts, and I can't wait to see the hat being modelled xx

Becks said...

What a fantastic use the time babe is sleeping in the car to have some me-time too. A bonus for everyone.
And lucky you to be the recipient of such lovely gifts.