Saturday, 27 September 2008

Bowlfuls of Smiles

Bowl number 8.
Gifts and GP forum Lets trades.
This is my favourite yet, knitted in a wonderful wool called Toffee Apple, bought from here

A before photo.
Two washes in the machine and here it is. The rest of my bowls are here.


Luissa said...

I love these bowls, would you care to share the pattern or is it a well guarded secret?

Sarah said...

I like your bowls. I made some a couple of years ago from "one skein wonder" (or a book like that) --they were all brown so I called them nests and stuck easter eggs in them. You've inspired me to make one for acorns. Thanks for commenting on my blog. A trip to yours brought inspiraton!

Claire said...

Ohhh I love your bowls! I have a proposal - would you email me the pattern and I will trade uyou a pattern that I have? I can give you the LTK pilot cap or the 'willy hat' one from my blog... or??? I don't know, what would you like? :)

Anyway, let ,me know if you are up for it as I know these things have copyright stuff otherwise I would have stuck more patterns on my own blog!