Thursday, 4 September 2008


What a fab parcel, look at that handprint .. far too cute,
and then the contents, a swap treat from Abi at Little Grubs ... beautiful, thanks so much, my friend ... how on earth, could I be disappointed.
Jams and Jellies from emily's mum over on GP forum ... another swap treat ... look at those beautiful colours.

And the swap back ... socks ofcourse LOL.

A pressie from my dh, a gift from a weekend away with the children at Wilderness Camp .. this was a £5 on the Bring and Buy Stall ( yes, how funny, a bring and buy at a Bushcraft weekend ! )

Perfect for camp fire cooking.

Sock Love for a friend, hope these bring a smile to your face and alittle ease to your heart.

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Rae said...

those are some beautiful gifts - just gorgeous. Your day must have been FULL of smiles!