Monday, 29 September 2008

Q & A's

Just look at that for a bargain, the enamel bread tin - £1 ! car boot crazy !
It now holds all my different bags of flour.

Answers to some of the wonderful comments, you've been leaving ( thanks again .... I LOVE comments )

The felted bowl pattern .... mmm .. my big secret .. is to be found here

although, I am sure if you did a google search, you'd find some freebie patterns for them.

The pumpkin hat pattern, is a freebie here

My breakfast, cream cheese covered with apple and hawthorn jelly ( from the wonderful emily's mum ) I could seriously eat this all day, every day .. it is so goooood.

The lovely plate these babies are sat on, another car boot find yesterday, £2.50 for 2 small and 1 large plate.

K and L are home from their hols ( with piles of washing )

L now wears his hair spiked after Grandma treated him to a tube of gel and K came home, showing me very proudly 20, yes 20, notes of Love, that had been pushed under their hotel door from 2 very bold lads from the Czech Republic ( remember she's 10 ) Grandad assures me he kept a very, very close eye.

On the last day, these 2 Casanovas clubbed together and bought K, an ankle bracelet and my Dad a beer at the hotel bar.I am hoping this isn't some kind of betrothal in the Czech Republic and as I type a wedding is being planned with a duel before hand to find out which of these lads will marry her !


Pippa said...

Ah, great car boot bargain and what lovely, warm socks!!!

Jem said...

Brilliant bargains - we just love a bargain :0)

Hazel said...

ROFL at K being betrothed to two boys! Eek :o)