Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sicky Smiles

Baby is sick ... everywhere !
Camera finally gave up, the sticky tape just wasn't doing the trick anymore ( new one is ordered, thanks Claire for your help )
Our holiday pile of washing is not going down, the sick covered sheets, towels,clothes etc are not helping !
So just abit overwhelmed at the mo.

Wanted to share this wonderful place we found in Ipswich while on our holidays ( which seem so long ago already )
Suffolk Real Nappy Network have a shop with comfy sofas to relax and feed babe on, get yourself a cuppa, toys to play with and really friendly faces to help with advice on feeding and chosing nappies.
A real haven on a wet and windy day.
If your anywhere near, go give them your support ... use it or lose it.



willow81 said...

Wow, what a fabulous resource! I would have spent all day there. And on the subject of washing, two weeks later I have just got to the bottom of the pile (sicky bubba here too). xx

Jem said...

Wow looks like a fabulous place xx