Monday, 26 January 2009

Celebrating Imbolc

A day to celebrate the warming of the Earth, Mother Nature waking her children.

We made Bride/Brighid dolls, dressed in white, young Maidens dancing.
Scraps of white material brought together with lavender buds filling the head ( the scent in the room was amazing ) and decorated with ribbons and beads.

We made our Headdresses first and wore them proudly all day.

Lots of ideas for celebrating this wonderful festival, here's some to inspire you.

Loving these Book of days, thanks to Hannah at for putting us on to them.
Great things to make and do, ideal for encouraging you to slow down, take a moment, enjoy the here, the Now.


Anonymous said...

Love the dolls!

I hope to be celebrating Imbolc in a very different way this year. Baby Flump is due on Feb 1st. As Brighid is a fertility figure and watches over women in labour....I hope he comes on time on this special day.

Blessed Be

Monsieur Hannard said...

Wow, you guys are so industrious! :)

Lucie said...

You’ve been tagged on my blog: