Friday, 9 January 2009

Moon Delights

A little reading before heading off to our wonderful woodland Waldorf group where we had a most lovely suprise ... a new member who turned out to be a good friend ... she blogs here
looking gorgeously full of a babe due very soon.

And this fab Wolf Full Moon to guide us home.


Becks said...

Lol Cain has just looked at this with me and is surprised to see himself on the puta. Must be the blonde hair he shares with O.

dottyspots said...

Are you quite close to me then? I followed the link through to your friend and I'm not far from across the county border (although it's a big county, so if you're south you're quite some distance)

I'm *still* trying to get to the (reasonably) local Waldorf group here - I really wish there was something closer though as I can't drive *sigh*