Friday, 2 January 2009

Use it up !

my motto for 2009.

That goes for the food in my larder, cupboards, fridge and freezer ... making sure I use all that comes in the veg box ... yes even all those Jerusalem farty-chokes !!!!!
Using up the seeds I already have for this years crops.

Getting round in the Spring to dying this wonderful wool, I was gifted and then knitting it up.

And using up all this lot too ... knitting for charity - hats, mittens,blankets .. knitting for family,friends, for gifts.
Using up the craft supplies that fill our home - fabric, felt,buttons,thread,paper,glue,glitter and on and on ....

It's so easy to rush out ( or on-line ) and buy new and become blind to all that you already have ... so this is my year of Using it all Up ... wish me luck.


Daisie said...

Good Luck, I live by that motto too and I find at least once a week we have what is affectionately termed "enthusiasm soup" (because I put everything I've got into it!!).
And if you need any help I may be able to eat a few of the hob nobs but I'll pass on the barley cup, my Mum drinks it and it just turns my stomach :-(
I can't wait to see what wooly delights you create with that lovely yarn stash!!
Happy New Year!

Laura said...

I'll be joining you for the 'use it up' challenge! Something we're definitely trying to do at the moment.

Happy new year to you and your family! x

Anonymous said...

I'm also perfectly willing to lend a hand using up hobnobs, they are disgusting and eating them is sheer torure, I'm sure you'll need the help =P
Also i notice you have the same pink sprinkles as I do. Snap!