Thursday, 19 February 2009

and the soles and the legs .. so cute.

Thanks for the slipper love, now look at those legs .. oh my !
There is something so wonderful in putting your babe into Mama-made, as I slipped these on those gorgeous feet, I felt so very close to my wonderful, much missed Nana, her hand guided mine as we slipped them on, just as her gentle hands guided me all those years ago learning to knit.
Amazing moments.
Pattern is from Children's Year, play around with the needle sizing as my first attempt came out HUGE.


Hannah said...

The slippers are lovely!
I tagged you on my blog for the tree of happiness award, I hope you don't mind :o)

Daisie said...

I'm never sure if you should say this about other people's children but those legs are bitable!!

Jem said...

Gorgeous little slippers on a pair of gorgeous looking legs XX

Anonymous said...

How sweet =]

Tam_D said...

The slippers look lovely, as do the legs... ;)

Natalie said...

The slippers and the legs are adorable!
Can I ask what you used for the soles?