Sunday, 22 March 2009

Emma's song

I danced and sang to this for 38 weeks with Emma growing in my tummy.
This will forever be her song.


No balloons, no Happy Birthday to sing, no laughter, no friends round for cake, no party to plan ... just sadness and tears that another year has passed, another year of missing our little girl.

Where would we be without friends to shine sunlight through the clouds ?

The kindness of Hazel and her lovely family, bringing such beautiful reminders of our daughter to us.The hours of loving work in these gorgeous cross stitches are a tribute to a huge loving heart and an incredible Mama.
I love you darling always.Thank you for always remembering.

Flowers from Emma and her family.Your loving wishes always touch our hearts deeply.
Thank you for never forgetting.

This wonderful bunch of flowers arrived with a card full of beautiful words but no name.
Please let us know who you are, so we can say how much they meant to us.

Our heartfelt thanks to Veronika and her family for the lovely words for Emma in this issue of The Mother.
For the messages of love, the flowers taken to Emma's grave, the candles lit, the hugs and the love .... thank you.
You ease our tears and help us face another year.
To L, K and O ... thank you for staying x

More Felted Bowls

Ready to send out to their new owners.

Seasons Table - Spring

Lady Spring has arrived with all her gorgeous flowers to brighten up the seasons table.

Seasons Swap

These are the gifts I sent my partner for our GP ( Green Parent Magazine Forum ) Seasons Swap.
Great fun to make and I am pleased to know Sundog ( my partner ) and her family are enjoying them.
Happy Spring Time.

Mini Socks for Mini Feet

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Springtime Colour

Builders here making a HUGE mess of our patio ( connecting pipes for the new en-suite )
Stuff everywhere !
Missing helping some friends move house today due to builders and lack of car ( Sorry guys )

Feeling low ... so in amongst the madness .. I set up the dying pot and got myself some springtime wool.

Wonderful pick me up.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Making and Doing

A crafty evening with the girls .. silk dying.

More of those yummy booties for O's friend who just turned 1.

And ofcourse a Birthday Crown too.

The joy of a big sister ... a playmate, a little Mama, a friend.

Last week was Science and Engineering Week, so K and I got stuck into some fun projects.
K has recorded them on her blog, go take a look ( btw - she loves comments lol )

First sighting of the season

A small yellow butterfly in our garden, yesterday morning.
Fluttering above our heads while we played.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Green Week - Delicate Green

I love that little splash of such a beautiful light green in the middle of such wonderful blooms.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Welcoming Spring - Green Week

Celebrating all that is Green, to welcome the coming Spring.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Spring Bowl Love Starts

Made for GP lets trading ( sent 2 off before taking photo ! )

Still more to do.