Monday, 16 March 2009

Making and Doing

A crafty evening with the girls .. silk dying.

More of those yummy booties for O's friend who just turned 1.

And ofcourse a Birthday Crown too.

The joy of a big sister ... a playmate, a little Mama, a friend.

Last week was Science and Engineering Week, so K and I got stuck into some fun projects.
K has recorded them on her blog, go take a look ( btw - she loves comments lol )


Hazel said...

Oh big sisters are just so wonderful! We went for a lovely walk today and Romy stopped to show Tans every little daisy/stone/pussy cat/etc, lol. xxx

Tammy said...

Oooooh...pretty silks! Bet they are fun to play with. :)

Claire said...

I love your dyed silks! and the crown - so lovely!

Do you still want to do a swap - one of my hats for something...? Any suggestions? I would like to - I do like a good swap :)