Friday, 1 May 2009

Beltane Blessings

Lemon buns made by K for O to take to his Woodland group this afternoon to celebrate May Day.
Yummy lemon curd supplied by Gill ( emily's mum on gp forum )

Tins of sunshine.
A little knitting ( pattern seen on Soule Mama's blog ) for a new babe.

Best seen here , on the gorgeous girl herself.
Happy Beltane to all x


Tammy said...

The knitting could NOT be any cuter! Way to go, Smile Lady!

Claire said...

Oh I love it! How did you dye the wool like that? What did you use (dyes, wool, tools, etc)? Could you do a turtorial?


waldorfmama said...

i just discovered you on ravelry. :) what a beautiful little vest! i would also love to know what you used to dye the yarn that beautiful peachy/pinky color! :) and could you specify which pattern you used from soulemama's blog? was this the little vest she recently made for harper? thank you! ~ shelley (