Monday, 29 June 2009

At the Show

Our annual visit to the Lincolnshire Show was short on numbers this year due to L & K being away with my parents.
So the day belonged to O.
Those ducks were slippery customers but with Daddy's help, O managed to hook 3 and won a prize.

Meeting the sheep was an experience that O wasn't that sure of !

Planting seeds and getting stickers.

My prize for the day goes to this Mama, who got all her babes to take a nap at the same time ... wonderful.

Free Food (it's not) Friday

Our family favourite drink over the Summer ... Lemon Balm Lemonade from Jane Newdicks's Book of Herbs.

Easy to make and so freshing.
Into a bowl - zest of 4 lemons, huge handfuls of lemon balm leaves - torn to release flavour, sugar to suit your taste.
Pour in enough hot water to cover and then leave to infuse.
Juice the lemons and add when you feel ready.
Use as a cordial, making up with fizzy water and sprigs of lemon balm.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Book Sharing Monday - Summer Solstice by Ellen Jackson

It had to be really, didn't it ?

A book full of facts, stories and lovely artwork.
I love sharing this with the children reminding ourselves that celebrating this day connects us back with our ancestors in honouring the Earth.

Celebrating the Solstice

We headed out for the day after waving goodbye to L & K, who are off to the sea, holiday with my parents.

I had been told ( on the bread making course ) about a wonderful Midsummer Fair held at Little Bytham, a traditional family fun day with stalls, live music, morris men and beer tent, perfect for celebrating the Solstice.

O loved pressing the bell for the "Human Fruit Machine" and laughed with delight as the Mum and her 2 children each held up a fruit, he even had a win, when 3 grapefruits were held high, winning 75p.

We left just before the Spitfire flyby.

Never mind, always next year.

I wanted to get home to collect in some herbs to dry from the garden, Sage & Rosemary filled with the sun's warm energy, to dry and make into smudge sticks.

Opening my season swap parcel, filled with amazing goodies from a lovely Mama ( Shell from GP forum )
A stunning sunshine bowl, felt butterfly, lavender wand, seeds and card make this day very special, thank you.

Candle lit, we enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Growing Up

O's new word is "splash" said with much feeling.
Today he was walking around the kitchen saying his favourite new word over and over, then he stopped, stood still for awhile with a deep look of thought, then started round the kitchen saying " splash .... poo, splash !
Another new word ... and yes he had !

L is helping "police" this years Waddington Air Show with his cadet group, he will be teamed up with a "proper bobby". I jokingly asked him if he'd be the "good cop or the bad one" he didn't laugh .. so look out Waddington !

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Productive Nesting

So we have sparrows in the bat-box, blackbirds in the clematis and

a gorgeous nest of pigeons in the hedge, right outside out front room window.

Photos not great but who wants to disturb such fluffy sweeties.
( click on photos for larger and better view )

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Summer Storms

After days of sun, the sky suddenly darkened and the heavens opened.

Rain ran down the road, thunder and lightening overhead.

And the Babe sat and "read" his books.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Baking Day

A fab day here with a great friend,
learning to bake amazing bread.

And bake amazing bread we did.

Lots and lots of it.

All in a days work.

Enjoying the fruits of our labour at home later.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bee Happy

We made these cuties at O's Woodland Group yesterday.
Alder cones with a couple of strands of wool wrapped round them and wax wings .. followed by a run round the meadow after a snack of bread and jam.

Then home for your big brother to read all your favourite books ( that were once his favourites too )

Friday, 12 June 2009

Free Food Friday - Elderflower Time

Cordial with fizzy water .. just what Summer calls for.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Book Sharing Monday - Little House by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I have loved rereading this Little House treasury, which contains the first three books in the series.
Full of simple family life but so rich in characters, drama and ofcourse tear-jerkers.
A great book for reading aloud or as I did snuggled under the covers waiting for Spring to arrive.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Saturday Finds & Garden Delights

Beds of leeks.

Baby Baths full of lettuce.

Bags of potatoes and beans.

Sinks of soapwort and tons of lemon balm.

Tyres full of potatoes.

Our garden is coming on amazingly well, seeing as our time tending it is so short.
Wonderful Mother Nature.

Cherries at the Farmer's Market.

This gorgeous cushion with amazing embroidery at a very typically English Church Fete.

Productive Evenings Out

Very interesting talk by Sue Palmer " Toxic Childhood" at Louth Methodist Hall on Tuesday.
Real worrying food for thought.
I disagreed with Sue's comment that if parents watched the video below, they would all be horrified, sadly I think most would wonder what all the fuss is about.

Wednesday night ( yep, two evenings out in a row ! ) Wonderful craft collective evening, making dolls.
I am so stupidly proud of my little head and can't wait to get onto the body and clothes.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Show Stoppers

A lazy afternoon at Lincoln Castle with Home Ed friends.

While the company was great, the stars of the afternoon had to be .. Mama and her babies, all 8 of them.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Book Sharing Monday - Big Momma Makes The World by Phyllis Root

A book I had lusted after, long before I amazingly spotted it at a car boot sale.
This book is an absolute delight from start to finish with glorious illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.

What this Mama can't do with a babe on hip, ain't worth doing.

The washing can pile up, who cares.

This Mama doesn't mess around, she gets on with whats important.

Creating a beautiful World.

For everyone to share.

Green Families, Green Festival

Another GP meet-up, I know 3 in one week, how lucky am I ( and my family )
A day at Nottingham's Green Festival, an event we have been going to for a good few years, mostly in the rain but yesterday in the sun ... perfect.
Scrumping out of Grandad's picnic while wearing Grandad's hat !

A sea of picnicing people, enjoying the music, the atmosphere and thankfully such amazing weather.

Chatting, babies, nappies, food, fun and the possiblity of our own stall there next year.