Saturday, 6 June 2009

Productive Evenings Out

Very interesting talk by Sue Palmer " Toxic Childhood" at Louth Methodist Hall on Tuesday.
Real worrying food for thought.
I disagreed with Sue's comment that if parents watched the video below, they would all be horrified, sadly I think most would wonder what all the fuss is about.

Wednesday night ( yep, two evenings out in a row ! ) Wonderful craft collective evening, making dolls.
I am so stupidly proud of my little head and can't wait to get onto the body and clothes.


Joxy34 said...

Yeah, I can't see most parents being that worried, they might glower and moan at the amount of advertising shown to their kids but they still buy into it.


Tammy said...

Powerful video. I agree with you, though...most parents (if they saw this) would wonder what the big deal is. In my opinion, once one is sucked into commercialism it's very hard to recognize it or even want to get out of it if it is even recognized. I say this from past experience. Up until 8 years ago my oldest 3 were in school and I was a stay at home mom who had the tv on ALL day long. I wanted my kids to fit in and bought them anything they wanted to fit in with other kids at school. They came home to the tv still on. The only thing that changed was they got to pick what channel they wanted to watch. It wasn't til we started homeschooling and didn't have time for the tv to be on (lol!) that it got turned off. And it took about 2 years until we really didn't even think about it for days on end. Now we watch tv about 3-4 times a year and really don't even listen to the radio too much. Then we started trying to live more naturally which made a big difference, also. It's taken about 8 years for us to have evolved into pretty much completely different people than we used to be. I believe if we hadn't started homeschooling we would still be completely consumed with commercialism. And I don't think we would have minded one bit.

Daisy said...

Very scary stuff!

Laura said...

Can't wait to see your finished doll. The head looks great! xx