Thursday, 27 August 2009

Proud Smiles

3 GCSE exams taken at 14 by L, resulting in 3 passes - A for English and 2 Bs for DT and Maths.

We are so very proud.

Heading off to The Mother Camp tomorrow with K & O, while L is off to Spain to celebrate with Grandma and Grandad ( alright for some ! )

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Weekend Food

A taste of Greece for breakfast, Greek yogurt, honey, blackberries and almonds.

Cucumbers from our greenhouse, go into a lunchtime Greek salad.

Moroccan night with a feast of couscous, salads and tagine shared with loved ones.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Love is ......

A boy and his boobie.

Book Sharing Monday - The return of PP

Postman Pat is back, big style in our house and I'm not sure who's enjoying it more ?

L adored Pat and Jess when he was little and is now having fun introducing O to the joys of Pat's Postal Adventures.Gentle tales of lost letters, escaping sheep and surprise parties.O has such a delightful way of saying Mrs Goggins, that we all melt and watch or read just one more with him.

K's favourites were the Tweenies, who are certainly no match for Pat.

Although there is a new kid on the block, one we've never spent time with before, so O is blazing his own trail and we are following along learning all about Bob, Wendy, Muck and Dizzy.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Dancing Queen

Chopping onions yesterday at the end of yet another busy week ( where is the time going ? )

A week of dance for K that ended on a huge high last night as we watched her dance her way through an amazing ballet routine, tap dance with such grace and style, recreate the "Waterloo" scene from Mama Mia ( her teacher for the week, worked on the film ) and an incredible finale from Chicago, that made me see how very grown up she has become suddenly, holding her own with a group made up mostly of 17 year olds.

She was wonderful and we all are so very proud.

Am I the only one longing for Autumn to blow in ?

I was reminded ( as if I need to be ) of my Autumn love as I looked down at my pile of onion skins, seeing crisp Autumn colours and piles of leaves.

It helped the pre-season feeling having a huge bowl of Chili for tea.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Book Sharing Monday - Happy Families by Allan Ahlberg

Fantastic characters,wobbley waitresses, Mr and Mrs Hay ( the front and back end of a pantomine horse ! ) scary Mr Creep the Crook and so many more.
We have borrowed them all so many times from the library but now we are slowly adding to our collection, picking them up in charity shops, library sales and this weekend scoring these 5 nearly new books for £1 at a car boot sale.
K has loved them and I have loved reading them to her.I think we both will be fighting over who will get the pleasure of introducing them to O.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

In the Woods

Early evening in the woods.

Sorry about the blurred action shot, I was laughing so much as O chased K with squeals of delight.

Running away from Grandad and trying to catch up with Grandma.

Watching the changing light was magical and standing in the warming beams breath-taking.

Little boy in the big woods.

Time to go home.

Friday, 7 August 2009

I am "Summer Loving"

all these wonderful butterflies dancing everywhere we go ... spiraling, twisting and turning round each other in a perfect summer dance.
Tell me about your summer loves.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Business ( nearly ) as usual !

The least I say about our week at HES FES, the better I feel !
How we survived ... booking into a Premier Inn down the road and spending time with good friends.
Would we go again ... NO.

So the last couple of weeks have been Swine Flu filled for atleast a couple of us at a time !
Still, there was some fun had ... O loves harvesting from the garden, his joy at discovering potatoes is a delight, he holds each one up for us to see, beaming with pride.

K has been very busy with a week long Summer Music School.Her performance at the end of week concert, playing drums for the first time, blew us all away, fantastic.
This week is drama at Lincoln Drill Hall and next week is dance with a team from London's Pineapple Dance !

Beautiufl skies to warm the heart.

Bounty from the garden.

Thanks so much for all your warm wishes, very kind.My love and care goes straight back to you all.