Thursday, 10 September 2009

Happy end of Summer Days

Thanks for all the wonderful comments left here after the GCSE results post and the picture of O feeding, so very kind and much appreciated.

I think I have finally caught up with the various holiday washing from The Mother Camp ( so wonderful to meet up with some of you, I only wish there had been more time and less rain ! ) and L's Spanish washing ( which was mainly shorts and trunks, unlike our camp woolies ! )

Summer seems to be hanging on here with wonderful warm days, a recent visitor to the garden, this gorgeous bumble bee, happy to hang round while I grabbed my camera.

Using up the basil to make pesto.

I am going to admit and completely blow my cover, that after making this with K, we popped it in the fridge to enjoy the next day ... only for me to find it about a week later covered in mould !!!!

Bringing in Autumn is another visitor to our garden, " snorter " as we have called him due to the noises he makes, is to be found most evenings either in the dog's bed or in her food bowl while she lays on the floor looking very put out !


Becks said...

Ha, you just encouraged a mad dash to the fridge as you reminded me that I stored some pesto away a few days ago too. Luckily it seems ok....
Love snorter, but so wish we had a garden too.
Best wishes. x

Jacqui said...

LOl - I had to chuck out some muldy pesto I had forgotten about when i came back from the camp. So good to meet you O and K there. Hope you have dried out and warmed up now. xxx

Tammy said...

Oh my this a HEDGEHOG??? lol I don't know if you read comments on posts from this far back (embarrased I'm so far behind in my reading!), but if you do, let me know if this is a hedgehog, ok?

So cool. Now I have to go read the rest of the post, lol. I was so impressed with thinking this might be a HEDGEHOG!!!