Saturday, 23 January 2010

A New Suit

Behind us are the days of saving pocket money for Doctor Who trading cards, instead this young man has been saving up for a suit, his first.
This has been such a wonderful rite of passage for us all, with Grandad taking L into town to be measured up, giving advice and insisting on putting " something towards it " Grandad's smile was huge when L, who is a big Beatles fan, chose a suit very similar to the ones Grandad wore in his younger days, how the wheel turns.
We all delighted, when L tried it on, to show us at home and tears were quickly wiped away as I realised again, how much he has grown, in so many different ways.
Last night the suit had it's first outing, a Burn's Night Supper with disco at L's school.
He looked so very handsome, so very grown up.
I proudly drove him to school and watched as he walked away, so very confident, so very mature.
And then I spotted the girls arriving, in little black dresses and heels, giggling, happy, looking forward to their evening.
Time for this Mama to go.


arwen_tiw said...

:) (hugs to you, mama)

Anonymous said...
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Tammy said...

Aww...I love rites of passage like this. As much as I've loved my little ones, even more so I've loved watching them grow up and come into their own.

I'm sending you a big wistful sigh, hug, and smile for you Mama. :)

Jacqui said...

So pleased for you - a rite of passage for you too. Glad it was a Burn's night too :) xx

Nikki said...

What a beautiful, moving post. They grow so quickly... I wish I could learn to handle bittersweet moments as well as you do. xxx

Kelly said...

A very big occasion for you both. What a dashing young man in a well chosen suit. Very, very special. You know what came to mind. When I first 'met' you, L was around 10 and had been swimming in a plastic paddling pool. My S was a small the seasons pass and how your L chose his mama well..Sending you a hug, special mama.

Hazel said...

He looks gorgeous! So grown-up! xxx