Monday, 18 January 2010

Book Sharing Monday - Snow by Uri Shulevitz

An enchanting book with beautiful illustrations and a simple text ... the people of the town are shocked when first one snow flake falls, then 2, then 3 but no-one believes it will settle except "boy with dog "

O and I made "no flake " as O calls them, he coloured ( with new Yule gift ) and I cut.

He is so proud of the results that anyone and everyone has to be taken to admire them even if they've already seen them many, many times.His excitement over them is infectious though and his clapping, jumping and " look, look, look " makes you smile and clap all over again too.

To make some very naughty but oh so nice snowflakes
Design a snowflake on-line
Take a look at Snowflake Bentley's amazing snowflake photos
All our snow has gone now but with more due Wednesday, still time for alittle more snow fun.

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Kelly said...

How wonderful that O is so proud to his snowflake!! And so he should be!