Monday, 11 January 2010

Looking to Spring

Snow, ice and sleet still happening outside.
Constant wellies, mittens and hats drying by the Rayburn.
Shoots of bulbs peeping through the earth.
Soups, stews and curries to warm and restore.
Warm bubbly baths and beds piled high with covers.
Cosy cuddly afternoons.
Books, knitting and music.
Red wine and Baileys to end the evenings.
Warm fires after toe freezing walks and a little nod to Spring on our table.


Kelly said...

Lovely dose of warmness!

Wyld Jane.. said...

mmmm lovely xx

Gina said...


Dotty Delightful said...

Ooh yes please to all accept the baileys, barley cup for me instead xx

Simple Mama said...

Lovely, lovely picture! We too are looking forward to spring. Eagerly.