Tuesday, 23 February 2010

30 days of Beauty : 13

Thoughtful, mindful knitting.

Caring, loving knitting.

Aware, concerned knitting.

Sad, soulful knitting.

Painful knitting.
Mama to Mama knitting.
Knitting for Cuddles http://cuddles-uk.org/


Claire said...

Thank you for the link. I would love to contribute to this to honour the nameless baby girl of a friend. xx

Jacqui said...

Still beautiful xxx

kate said...

((((hugs)))) i am doing blanket squares for the
schuyler blanket project

no pictures yet though! There's a group on Rav for it. I think there is a blanket in the UK that needs squares still.

Hazel said...

Oh Denise! I have loads of white 4-ply and nothing to do with it. I do now. Thank you. xxx