Tuesday, 16 February 2010

30 Days of Beauty : 8

Taco Night

Ice cold, tongue tingling fresh lemonade.
Hot, fiery, spicy salsa.
Cooling sour cream.


Kelly said...

I like the look of the food at your house. Feed me too!

Tammy said...

This DOES look wonderful!!! :)

Joxy34 said...

Gosh that looks wonderful. I do a similar type of feast with fajitas..but I'm thinking tacos might be more fun for the kids

hmmmm, cheers for the inspiration :-).. I shall go and ponder.

Ariella said...

now I'm hungry :)

Danigirl said...

Sounds great - I now know what i'm having for tea :-D

Jacqui said...

Mexican night is always fun. Loving this. xx

Laura said...

Yum! Can I come next time?! Lol. X