Thursday, 26 August 2010

Endings, New Beginnings and some Partying !

L's week -
Tuesday - GCSE results, all As & Bs ( with 1 C for History )
Wednesday - Enrol at College, A levels - English Lit, Law & Philosophy
Thursday - Head to Leeds Festival with friends

An amazing week, hard work rewarded and tickets for a festival that could have been made for him, all his favourite bands in one venue ( apart from Muse but he has tickets to see them in September )
He set off, early this morning with a huge back-pack stuffed with junk food, wellies and water proofs .. it's pouring down here and has been for days.
Last minute panic of too small tent, had no solution, so it will be cosy for 8 large lads plus gear !
Life and all it's lessons.

He is spreading his wings, testing them and finding them up to the task of flying, soaring, catching some warm currents to take him onto new adventures.

While, this Mama feels excited for him, there is also some knots of worry, some concern, the need to chase him back into the nest and hold him closer, tighter, just for a little while longer.

He is our firstborn, the first time N & I saw our love made visible, all of our hopes, dreams and promises in one 8lb bundle of joy.
He teaches us, tests us and makes us find resources we had no idea we had.
I have learnt so much about myself because of him.
He has my heart, now and always.

So,I blow my nose, wipe my teary eyes and await the stinky, muddy piles of washing he will bring home with a good stock pile of wash powder !


Tammy said...

Awww...I just loved reading this. I hope he has fun and mama will survive the growing up. It's hard, isn't it? I am going through some of those same feelings with my 3 oldest being 18, 17, and almost 16.

Dawn said...

((hugs)) mama, thinking of you xx
Congrats on the GCSE results.

Of course he will have a fabulous time at the festival with his friends, I remember the mud from glastonbury and reading festivals in my younger years - the mud really does get everywhere! But still good fun!


arwen_tiw said...

Made me cry a little there, mama. (hugs) So beautiful to see your love for him, growing and changing with him, you are an inspiration and a joy to know.

sue said...

wonderful post, wipe those tears mama n smile, your boy is exploring his world with the love from his family wrapped around him xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

so very lovely indeed, and there is me worrying about little sweetpea starting pre-school - it puts in all in perspective :-) ohh how I want to see Muse!

Pippa said...

Aw, I bet you'll be glad to see him home again. Feel very proud that your baby has this confidence to go off into the world. The best thing a parent can do for a child is to provide a loving home for them to come home to. I think you need a treat, something to remind yourself of the good job you've done in rearing this confident young man. You'll have so much to talk about when he comes home. xxxx

Joxy34 said...

:-))) hugs. Thinking of you, I resolutely refuse to think about Rye growing up ;-)

Ohhh and congrats on the GCSE results, brilliant. Hope he has a wonderful time at the festival.

Jacqui said...

Going through this with you D - pity we can't get together and share a large handkerchief :) I will probably have a similar post next week when K moves into his first flat!! Bitterweet moments...

Great results too xxx

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the GCSE results. Horrible wait. I bet you are glad they have arrived.

We've not reached the stage of solo missions, but I know I will worry. I have images of you clutching the soap powder box, standing at the open door. No, hang on, that would be me.

Sending a hug.

Christina said...

Beautifully written. I appreciate knowing what lies farther down the mama path. Keep breathing, through those "knots of worry"

Daisy said...

Congratulations to him and to all of you!

Emma said...

Congrats L! And hugs Denise :)

Anonymous said...

Oh well flipping done, and congratulations! That is fantastic! =]

& I hope he enjoys his time in the most exalted society of the English Lit A Level Club. =]

Kelly said...

Beautiful and inspiring, Dear mama. Congratulations to L and may all his dreams and aspirations be reached and may he have a great deal of fun. And along his journey he has a truly loving, nurturing mama and family to love him.

Hannah said...

Congratulations on the exam results!

And ((hugs)) for you, Mama. I hope the weekend is treating you well and you aren't worrying too much x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful words. And congratulations on the great results!