Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Late Summer Shawl

A wonderful easy Summer knit using Noro sock yarn, light, delicate and oh so pretty.

Great rainbow colours, alternating garter and stocking stitch, relaxing, evening knitting, I love it.

L is home with not so much washing but a hunger that has yet to be met, a fry up, cooked by Grandad at 1.30am ( he was dropped off at their house ) was the start of the mammoth eating session that has seen boxes of cereal disappear in ( nearly ) one sitting, loaves of bread made into several rounds of toast ( spread thickly with jam & cream cheese ) and then sandwiches to keep him going !
Last night about an hour after tea ( Lancashire Hot Pot followed by yoghurt and fruit ) a top-up of cheese and biscuits was needed with more fruit and yoghurt.
Shopping today I think !
Thank you all so much for your lovely kind comments on my last post, all so thoughtful and very much appreciated.
As a surprise I decided to host a little giveaway,using your lovely comments, number 8 was chosen by the random number generator ... so Jacqui over at a package of love will be heading your way.


arwen_tiw said...

I LOVE it, that is one gorgeous shawl. :)

Dawn said...

Lovely shawl, and perfect for the approaching Autumn xx

Post festival eating - you need that good home-cooked food in you after the unsatisfying food you get there, although the last few times I went to festivals, there were some improvements - some lovely wholefood foodtents. But still you can't beat home food, can you.

Rose said...

That is a lovely shawl. Isn't Noro gorgeous?

Tammy said...

The shawl is just beautiful!

Lou said...

Wow, beautiful shawl. I love it. i've been using Noro sock yarn to knit a cardigan for C but am waiting for some more yarn to finish it. I love the colours . Well done xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shawl and a rainbow to match!
Thank you for stopping by to visit me at my little blog!

freerangegirl said...

I lovelovelove your shawl - Noro yarns are gorgeous - definitely a big smile today with this one!

Erin said...

Such beautiful summer shawl :)

Susan said...

My friend, it's a beautiful shawl and would come in handy with our cool nights here in the Pacific Northwest. Autumn is definitely sneaking in and I've started back to knitting at night.
The rainbow is so ethereal and I can imagine a pot of gold at the end:)
Love, Susan xoxo

Joxy34 said...

Oh gosh, that is a one lovely shawl :-)

Luisa said...

I love this shawl! The colors are great. That's the style I want to make.

Unknown said...

I love your shawl patterns and the design its sooo colorful and pretty. Hey can you please check out my bloggs:) thanks!