Monday, 4 October 2010

Ramblings of the Ordinary, Everyday Kind.

Normally, when I sit down to blog, photo already taken, words forming in my head as the computer fires up,the post is almost done but not today, today I feel in the mood to ramble, care to join me ?

My view,on this jaunt,yes, that's a poster of Edward Cullen in my dining room, given to me by my daughter and her friend.
I had no idea, where to put it and K's suggestion of above my bed wasn't going to impress N, so here it is.

I adore blogging and reading blogs but still won't show my children's faces or reveal their names, it does concern me who's looking.

The girls, are amazing, so silly and entertaining.The dream is every bit as good as I thought it would be and the eggs are divine.

My cousin, with her partner and son visited us last weekend.
It had been a very long time, since we'd seen each other and the last time was sadly at her Mum's funeral, which didn't make for happy times.
Growing up, she was my idol, 6 years separated us. I adored watching her with her friends, dancing in the front room, putting make-up on and getting ready for nights out on the town, dreaming of when I'd be old enough.
The visit was over much too quickly, we did all the things I knew we would, we laughed, we cried, we remembered and we'll do it all again, very soon.

My big lad is healing and ready to return to college.
My girl is sad, has things troubling her, difficult times, emotional tears.
My little guy has a cough and a cold.Has times of temper and frustration, hits out at friends in his over excitement to play, be with them.

How to help them,share their worries and fears, encourage and support without giving in to our own frustrations, tiredness and self doubts.

Macaroni cheese for tea, with salad .. it's ready, waiting for K to come back from Ballroom & Latin classes.
And You ?


arwen_tiw said...

I like your ramblings. :) Tired and preoccupied here. A great day today in the end after another I-don't-want-to-don't-make-me start. ;) A friend took us out for dinner and bought the girls new clothes (so they now all have socks that fit them lol). Yes, a good day.

Tammy said...

Well I love rambly posts like this. :) And I got a good chuckle over your Edward poster. I have to say, we are on Team Jacob, though!!!

My daughter is chopping potatoes for french fries right now. That's about all I'm up to, lol!

Daisie said...

Have been sewing and knitting and cooking and cuddling and being, sometimes it's good to let life ramble......
Thanks for sharing at you table, very comfy ;)

Erin said...

Looks like a great bookshelf in the background! Heavily stacked with knowledge :)

Kelly said...

Hi mama,
how good to spend time with your cousin. It's always so good to spend time catching up like that. Our biggest boy turned 8 this weekend and macaroni cheese is his favourite. It's been a busy last couple of days. At the computer now way too late at night with babe in his sling sleeping peacefully - we should be in bed! Hope things will work out for your girl very soon. Happy day tomorrow.

Susan said...

My sister, Barbara has chickens and she talks to them...just thought I add that in to the ramblings :D
I love the post. It makes me feel that life is to be enjoyed--every minute of it.
I love you, xoxo

gold fawn said...

edward cullen. sigh.... dreamboat!
Yeah, it's always such a delicate balance with the blog world, what to reveal, being wary of it. keeping things private is good. who doesn't appreciate a bit of mystery?
xo m

Anonymous said...

Love ramblings. Doctor's appointments this week, scheduled right smack dab in the middle of nap time. Thanks docs for having such busy schedules. Going to be a long week for us. Hope your week continues to go well.

sue said...

As always, I just LOVE your blog lovely mama :)

Rosângela Oliveira said...

Amei as có... cós...

Unknown said...

i enjoyed reading your ramble, although sorry for your kids' sadness.