Saturday, 18 December 2010


Candles & cinnamon sticks for girlfriends, wrapped with handmade paper.

Felt decorations for Aunties.
Such a simple project, great to pick up in the evenings.
Six same size circles of felt.Put 3 on top of each other and sew a piece of ribbon for hanging it at the top, then add the other 3 circles and sew down the middle of all 6.
Catch edges of circles together in the middle with a couple of stitches,working your way round.
Then catch top and bottom of circles with stitches on alternate ones.

An early surprise gift for K and her friend, a make-up lesson with a professional artist.


Shazronnie said...

Those candles look fab!

Susan said...

You light up the world with your beautiful gifts. I love you, xoxo

Joxy34 said...

Ohhhhhh thank you! I was just thinking I could do with a few on hand gifts.. and I've just remembered we've got some beeswax sheets etc. We'll make some tomorrow :-)

Yours look lovely and I love the handmade paper!

Jessica said...

I love those felt ornaments you guys have made.So simple making them perfect.Thankyou for sharing your ideas.I would love to do a handmade Xmas for family.Next year we just might do that.

Jem said...

What a lovely idea of a make up lesson - I wish someone had done that for me in my teenage years!! So thoughtful xx

devonmama said...

Your candles look wonderful xx

Unknown said...

Solstice blessings to you gorgeous friend. Hugs, Veronika

Dawn said...

Wonderful gifts x