Monday, 24 January 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

Life is whizzing by at a fair old pace here.
The blur that was the weekend, was full of fun.
We have been partying to celebrate a friend's third birthday.

Coffee and cakes ( and wonderful parsnip soup ) at a gorgeous organic small holding.
A lovely play date with toast and pate thrown in.

Laundry, shopping and chicken coop cleaning.
Wood chopping.

And then Monday morning, brought uniform shopping, for a girl, that at the grand, old age of nearly 13, will be heading to school for the first time on Friday, yes this Friday !


Daisie said...

What a brave girl, I was 12 when I 'started' school. Wish her luck from me and tell her I'll be thinking of her on friday (will be thinking of you too) x

Dawn said...

Lovely family time.
Thinking of you both as your daughter starts school on Friday, new pastures ...


Unknown said...

Big hugs to K. She's been blessed beyond belief to have such an amazing mother. hugs, v

Jacqui said...

Thinking of you and your daughter. You have given her such wonderful tools to make her own choices. Blessings to you lovely Mama. xx

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your daughter as she begins her new adventure.

Woolly Wanderer said...

Hope all goes well on Friday.

With best wishes and a prayer

San x

Susan said...

Oh, a teenager! I loved when my girls entered this phase. And, uniforms are so wonderful for school; no headaches about what to wear : )
Happy 1st Day of school!

Unknown said...

Good luck to your daughter on her first day! :) x