Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Peace through the mail

Just as I hit the "publish post" button yesterday, the postman knocked the door. Nestled amongst what was mostly junk mail, was a package for me, familiar writing, making me smile before even opening it.

Tucked inside was this little beauty, winking at me was it clear and bright message .... Peace.
I laughed, cried and laughed some more.

Then today's mail, brought another treasure, a card, covered in woolly knits, a card, saying Hi, am thinking of you, a card that carried with it love, care and Peace.
These gifts of Peace, from two very wise woman, thank you Veronika of the amazing Mother Magazine http://wwwthemothermazine.blogspot.com/ and Claire, who blogs about her gorgeous family here http://blackhobbescat.blogspot.com/
Both knowing some Peace was needed before I had realised it myself.

Today, has in places, felt fresher, somewhat less foggy.We made it out to our Home Ed group, perhaps for the last time in awhile.It was good to chat, catch up with news and share some laughter.
Home to change our bed, wash up the breakfast dishes that were missed in the mad scramble to get out the door this morning and just now light the fire, all ordinary, every day things that are beginning to come with a huge dollop of Peace.

Love and the brightest of blessings for all the wonderful comments yesterday, how they made my heart sing, lifting my spirits, thank you all.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

Isn't bloggy land and the internet full or gorgeous people. Wishing you sunny times ahead and lots of peace :-) x

Elisa said...

This is so awesome.

sue said...

Sending peace to you lovely lady :)
Blessings Sue xx

Jem said...

Sending you love and light xx

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I received my own little package from blogland in the mail - it made my whole week!